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The Business of Yoga At Your Workplace or Online

Would you like Yoga classes with us? Pilates Classes? Meditation Classes? or Online classes?

We have been teaching yoga, pilates and meditation in corporate environments, secondary schools, primary schools,even preschools and community centers for over 22 years. We can come to you or provide live online classes, or even specialized recorded classes to do in your own time.

What We Have To Offer

We help to create a happy, healthy workplace by providing Yoga, Pilates, Strength and Stretch, relaxation and Mindfulness Meditation classes. Live at a venue of your choice or online classes.

Help your workplace

  • Be a more productive workplace.
  • help reduce back pain and neck and shoulder strain
  • reduce headaches and stiffness from sitting
  • Reduce absenteeism, stress leave and illness
  • Reduce staff turnover
  • Improve productivity, enhance communications and teamwork.
  • people are always telling us how much calmer, focused and more alive they feel after the classes

Experience the practical, long lasting benefits of Yoga, Pilates and Meditation by having regular weekly classes, online classes or get recorded classes to do in your own time. Promote a Healthy Body, Health Mind for your workplace, school or community today.

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Friendly, professional instructors for live or online classes today

Our friendly, professional instructors come to you with personalized quality service in the corporate workplace, to a special event or to your school. Our instructors are dedicated and experienced and are carefully selected for their passion for wellbeing. we can come to you or teach online classes, or you can get specifically recorded classes to suit your needs.

Yoga in schools is also invaluable to students of all ages and abilities, proven to help reduce anxiety, depression, body image stress, and to improve focus, learning and general wellbeing.

Now operating NATIONALLY and delivering consistent, quality service for over 27 years. Live, recorded and online classes.

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Learn more about how our Corporate Yoga classes can help transform your workplace or school to be more energetic and productive.


Learn how in just 10 sessions our Corporate Pilates classes will help you and your students or co-workers feel the difference pilates can make, in 20 sessions you’ll see the difference and in 30 sessions you’ll and all those involved will have a whole new body.


Learn how to relax, unwind and let the day to day stresses of our busy work / life schedules using our corporate Meditation Classes


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