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Find Yoga Instructors now with The Business of Yoga, as we have been providing a quality service for over 20 years. Our clients find that regular Yoga, Pilates, Relaxation and Meditation in the workplace, increases productivity, health, morale and positive attitudes and reduces stress levels. We have a fabulous database of Yoga instructors, Pilates Instructors and Meditation Instructorsfor you to choose from.

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Is the Director and a yoga instructors, pilates and meditation instructor

Anna Taylor has practiced yoga and pilates and taught for over 25 years. She knows the powerful benefits of a regular practice, in work and home life. “It’s all about balance and being healthy in mind and body. To work towards this is to be the best person you can be, in all areas of life.”


Having been a secondary teacher and also worked in the corporate environment Anna understands how it can be. She is able to personalize the Business of Yoga service and Yoga instructors to suit your needs and help you get the most out of your sessions. Yoga, Meditation and Pilates are tools for life, they help you to stay healthy, strong and happy. I definitely know that after 25 years of practice, marriage, children, mortgage, divorce, deaths, injury... that Yoga has given me the strength of mind and body to deal with everything life throws at me, i will never stop practicing.

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Please note that; Group sessions can be specifically for management executives or team members, for men only or women only, or mixed and will be structured to benefit all physically, mentally and emotionally.

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