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Northern India Trip, a Yoga and Cultural experience in April 2018

see Dehli, Rishikesh, Vrindarvan, Taj Mahal and Jaipur for only $2500

 from 2nd April until 14th April 2017 during the Victorian School holidays

This India trip includes all accomodation, internal travel, yoga and food, international flights are extra

see the wonderful Taj Mahal, get blessed in the river ganges,  practice yoga in Rishikesh, the heart of world yoga, be a part of ceremonies, see temples, orphanages and help with a school for the poor, walk in the foothills of the Himalaya, go whitewater rafting, see elephants

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An experience on one of our 2015 India trips

Left Jaipur at 4am this morning for the 27 hour arduous journey home. Jaipur (the pink city) which is a must see, is a contrast, so busy, the ultra poor, people sleeping on the streets, beggars, the extreme wealth, the old city, then the new city which is like any other city in the world, showing wealth. The Amber Forte, another of Indias delights, you could wander for a day and not see it all. Truly magnificent, truly a sight to be witnessed. Its been a busy busy busy last 4 days with lots of travel to fit everything in. Now I must say farewell to India. I admit I am sad to leave. I do have tears in my eyes. I feel this journey is to be continued. Thank you to Mekush for your knowledge and wit and showing us this beautiful country, not to mention getting up to get me to the airport at 4am. Thank you.  c Chanchal, beautiful elegant lady you are, thank you for your beautiful spirit and kindness and helping is all to look beautiful in our Saris and the opportunity of meeting the children at the school. If not for you chanchal, and Mekush I would not have met and got the opportunity to keep in touch with my delightful sponsor child bharti. Mekush you would be the best guide we could have wished for. Funny, sweet and so helpful. Thank you to the deep and insightful Nanda, you taught us much and told the most entertaining stories, I hope we returned some insight on our train trip.  also thanks for being my muscle man at the jewellery shop  Thank you to my gorgeous friend Anna Kay for organising and inspiring me to come on this trip. Thank you to 14 other amazing women, who I will never forget. We all just fit.

I will be going on another one of The business of Yogas India trips for sure.


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