Stretch, Strength and Relaxation classes

Our workplace or school Strength, Stretch and Relaxation classes are designed for groups of up to 23 people, mostly conducted from the floor on a mat with little or no equipment. These are a fantastic alternative to just Yoga or Just Pilates. Anyone can do these classes and there is no ability level or age, classes, stretch classes, how to stretch, bikram yoga, stretch, pilates, pilates classes, yoga for beginners, pilates for beginners, how to do yoga, how to do pilates

We teach you techniques to strengthen and tone all the muscles in the body, to increase you flexibility levels and learn breathing techniques to help you relax.
Learning how to stretch and strengthen your body properly can give you mobility and health for life. Giving you the strength and ability you need for any other activity you do, from lifting children to running, surfing or playing golf

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These classes may just:

  • Improve muscle balance
  • Tone the body all over
  • Help prevent injury
  • Help recover from injury
  • Create better body awareness
  • Improve sporting performance and movement at all levels
  • Decrease discomfort from long hours of sitting.
  • Help with your breathing and focus
  • Increase flexibility and your range of movement
  • Gain better posture

The more regular your practice the more benefit you will gain.

Client Testimonials

“Our instructor has been great, she has been very flexible with the spaces we have used. She has also paid attention to injuries participants have had, providing alternatives exercises to ensure safety and comfort. Overall, everyone has been very happy with her as an instructor. ( R/GA media Group)

“… the regular classes have been invaluable at reducing stress and anxiety, which in turn has positively impacted my work life and my personal life. On top of that, the classes are empowering, restoring, spiritually satisfying, inspiring and fun.” ( testimonial from a long term corporate client)


How many people/students will be in the class?

We suggest a maximum of 23 to ensure the best individual care and instruction

Find a space in the workplace or school to accommodate your numbers. See how many yoga mats will fit on the floor or how many people lying down with arms and legs outstretched.

  • Do you want to book your regular weekly class for 8, 10 or 12 weeks? we offer a cheaper rate for 10 weeks or more.
  • We do offer one off classes for special events and conferences
  • What day and time suits you? Think before work or school, lunchtimes, or after work.
  • contact us and we will find a suitable instructor for you within a week

All our instructors are highly qualified and fully insured.


It’s up to you! Here are some options.

  • 100% employee or student funded where the cost is split between all participants giving them a sense of commitment
  • 100% employer/school funded to promote health and wellbeing or as extra benefit
  • Shared costs between employee/student and employer/school. We recommend this option as it’s important the participant is somewhat invested and committed to the program.

Schools may wish to offer the service at the start of school term and charge a levy.

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